Dexterous gripper, 

a more useful robot


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TESOLLO Inc. provides robot grippers and customized factory automation solutions.

Robotic Gripper 

Delto Gripper Series 

(Representative model) 

World’s best 3-finger 12-degree-of-freedom robot gripper

Robot Automation System 

Delto Solution 

Robot picking solution & Robot Palletizing

로봇 그리퍼
Delto Gripper Series

(대표 모델) 세계 최고 수준의 3지 12자유도 로봇 그리퍼

로봇 자동화 시스템
Delto Solution

로봇 피킹 솔루션 & 로봇 팔레타이징


Tesollo Inc. is based on robotics engineering technology, from product design to application programming development.

We have all the development capabilities necessary for product development.

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We will provide the best performance at a reasonable price.


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